Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday April 19th

AP Bio                                    Completion- Reading Guide Chapter 34
                                                Notes- Chapter 34
                                                Work on Mounted Display

Chem B                                 Collect Lab- Boiling Point Elevation
                                                Lab- Using Freezing Point Depression to Find the Molecular Weight
-          Computer Lab #15

Bio B                                     Check WS- Pamishan Creatures
                                                Notes- Chapter 17 Section 2
                                                Lab- What is a Taxonomic Key?
-          Demo Part A
-          Complete Part B


Wednesday April 18th

AP Bio                                    Quiz- Chapter 32
                                                Completion- Reading Guide Chapter 33
                                                Notes- Chapter 33

Chem B                                  Lab- Boiling Point Elevation

Bio B                                      Notes-             Chapter 17 Section 1
                                                Make a Dichotomous Key using Shoes
                                                WS- Pamishan Creatures

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday April 17th

AP Bio                                   Test- Chapters 35, 36 & 39
                                                Reading Guide Chapter 34

Chem B                                  Collect Lab- Molarity of An Aqueous NaCl Solution
                                                Notes- Colligative Properties
                                                            Work Examples
                                                Chem-B HW# 8.20_Phases and Mixture Review

Bio B                                    Grade Chapter 15 Review
                                                Test- Chapter 15
                                                Read Chapter 17

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday April 13th

AP Bio                                    Work on Seed Posters
                                                Reading Guide Chapter 32

Chem B                                  Lab- Chromatography
                                                Read Rf Notes

Bio B                                      Vocab Quiz #9
                                                Cladogram Post- Assessment
                                                BSCS INV. 9.3 A Step in Speciation
                                                            Pages 220-223

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday April 12th

AP Bio                                     No Class- Mock Crash

ChemB                                   ½ Sheet Scrap: Page 467 #1-3, 7-12
                                                Notes-             Dilutions
                                                WebAssign- HW #8.11

Bio B                                     What Does a T-Rex Taste Like?
                                                            -Cladograms Media Center 117
                                                WS- 15.3
                                                Assessment Questions Page 441 # 1-4

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday April 11th

AP Bio                                    Lab #9 Transpiration

Chem B                                 ½ Sheet Scrap Comp Labs #13 & 14
                                                Quiz- Solutions
                                                Page 467 #1-3, 7-12

Bio B                                      Notes-             Chapter 15 Section 3
                                                A Lesson on Speciation – Rat Island (due Friday) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday April 10th

AP Bio                                    Completion Grade- Ch. 39
                                                Water Plants
Notes- Chapter 39

Chem B                                  Computer Lab #14
                                              -Conductivity of Solutions: Effect of Concentration”

Bio B                                     Check WS- 15.2
                                                Video- Voyage to the Galapagos